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  • White sandy beaches, turquoise seas, secret coves and rock pools
  • Honey-coloured stone villages and picturesque fishing harbours
  • Roman mosaics, Greek theatres, Byzantine churches
  • Superb Mediterranean cuisine; highly rated local wines

Cyprus has a wonderfully sunny climate, lush vegetation and the legacy of 10,000 years of history. A cultural melting pot, you'll find Greek legends in Aprohodite's birthplace at Petra Tou Romiou and her secret bathing pool, near Polis, Roman opulence in the mosaics at Paphos - Cyprus cycling tour , where Paul first preached Christianity in AD49 and Moorish splendour in the Ottoman palaces of Nicosia. Native art is reflected in the Cypriot Gothic churches that litter the island, especially the Troodos mountains, and make up the majority of the 10 UNESCO listed sites on the island. These barrel-vaulted or domed buildings had curious wooden framed long eaved roofs to protect them from the elements. Many contain magnificent early frescoes detailing the lives of the early saints and martyrs.  



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