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New York Times’ Destinations of the Year

December 27th, 2007 by

The New York Times recently named their top destinations of the year (check out a slideshow of the locations here). If any of them look appealing, our tours travel to many of these exotic locales and offer an unspoiled, up close view of their beauty and charm.

Listed as a cultural destination by the Times, Berlin is a stop on one of our barging tours of Northern Europe along with stops in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Our 12-passenger boat offers en-suite accommodations, large dining, bar and lounge areas, a Jacuzzi, sauna and sundeck.

For families, they recommend Africa as a family destination mainly for the “volun-tourism” trips that are available, but we also have many travel options that would allow you to see this beautiful country, including our Kenya Wildlife Adventure walking tour. This trip allows you to explore Africa’s Great Rift Valley on foot, walk in beautiful protected reserves next to giraffe, zebra and antelope and see red rock gorges, hot spring waterfalls and flamingo fringed lake with accommodations in historic colonial lodges, all with pools and outstanding cuisine.

We also offer guided walking tours, trekking and walking tours in East Africa, an area known for the Great Rift Valley that stretches from The Gulf of Aquaba in the Red Sea to Mozambique. Here you’ll see some amazing natural wonders, including great blue soda lakes, volcanoes, mountains and great fertile plains.

Argentina makes for a great trip on a budget, says the New York Times, and we offer guided walking tours and trekking tours through the Andes of Chile and Argentina. A little more challenging, these tours take visitors among the soaring granite spires of the Fitzroy group and the peaks of the Torres del Paine. Other magnificent sites include the Perito Moreno Glacier and glacial lakes of turquoise and emerald reflecting the snow capped pinnacles piercing the skies above.

Winter Blues Got You Down?

December 21st, 2007 by

Many people think about vacationing during the summer or spring, but the winter months in the U.S. are actually some of the best times to travel abroad. Many areas of the world are quite sunny and balmy right now and can make for a great escape from the snow, sleet and ice much of the country is experiencing.

We’ve got a host of walking and cycling tours to choose from this winter that travel to destinations in Bermuda, the French Caribbean, Gozo (Malta), Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Ecuador, Kenya, Costa Rica, Chile, Galapagos, St. Lucia, the Canary Islands, Madeira, Mallorca, Menorca and Cyprus.

Some of our favorite winter tours include:

Secrets of Andalucia, Spain – This is a guided trip that is very popular. You’ll feel more like house guests than paying customers! This walking trip in sunny Spain is at our 2 boot, moderate level, which means the longest walking day is 5-6 hours. It takes you through the traditional Andalucian countryside with a day-trip to Granada and an opportunity to walk around the famous Alhambra.

Highlights of Gozo Cycling, Malta – Never heard of Gozo? Join the rest of the U.S.! Part of Malta, Gozo is a hidden jewel in the Mediterranean popular with British vacationers. Ranked one of our easiest bike tours, you’ll cycle throughout this island known for its mild temperatures past beautifully secluded bays and stunning turquoise seas.

Walks in the Floating Gardens, Madeira/Portugal – This one-boot rated guided walking tour takes you along the famous levadas, past a wonderful array of exotic flowers, traditional fishing ports where fishermen lay their catch to dry in the sun, and the bustling harbor of Funchal with its colorful market.

Can’t you just see yourself now?

Cell Phone Boarding Passes

December 14th, 2007 by

Have you ever lost your boarding pass? Those days may be a thing of the past. According to an article on Continental Airlines is experimenting with sending boarding passes to your cell phone. Then, when you arrive to check in, you simply present the boarding pass on the screen of your phone and board the plane – no paper needed! One less thing to worry about forgetting during travel…

All of our trips are overseas, requiring air travel, so we welcome any new technology that makes flying easier—bravo Continental! We just hope we remember to charge our cell phone!

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